Carving out a Career as a Slots Broker

Cloe Gomez   //   May, 25   //   No Comments

For some very specific reasons which shall not be mentioned in detail right now, life as we know it continues to evolve in some very interesting ways. One such interesting development is the emergence of brand new careers and enterprising ventures, like a career in slots broking!

What is slots broking?

Your first guess is probably your best guess, and it’s in-turn probably right, because slots broking is exactly what it says on the tin. A slots broker is someone who establishes themselves as an avid and particularly “good” gambler, who ideally has a nose for picking out and placing more winning bets than losing ones. Simply put, a slots broker is a pro or semi-pro gambler who by virtue of demonstrating their apparent skill as a winning gambler, manages to solicit “investments” from other people for whom bets will also be placed.

It’s really not all that different to what a stock broker does, or someone who runs any-sized trading fund contributed to by investors. I’d go ahead and say it’s exactly the same thing, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your name is Warren Buffet or if you know nothing about trading — it’s all gambling.

Nobody can say for sure that markets are going to go up or down and as a result, there will always be an element of guesswork and betting associated with something like trading CFDs.

Is slots broking legal?

What we can now refer to as slots betting without having to explain exactly what it is, is indeed perfectly legal, enjoying an advantage over something like stock broking because with something like stock broking you’d need some kind of securities licence. If some people who are impressed with your betting strategy wish to give you some of their money to apply your strategy with, are there any laws being broken? No!

However, you’d have to make sure to adhere to all the income tax reporting regulations in your country if you formalised the operation and perhaps started charging commission on all winnings, as would be a natural course of action. Otherwise how are you going to make money apart from winning, in which case then it’s pointless getting into slots broking in the first place? Everybody can rather just place bets for themselves.

Setting up your operation

If you’re going to attract “investors” whose money you can in-part use to place bets, you’ll have to establish yourself as an authority. This means investing in something like a screen-recording software solution while you make use of sign-up bonuses and the likes to demonstrate the effectiveness of your strategies in action. You can visit this site for a list of online casinos to sign up on and take advantage of the promotional bonuses, while recording all the action with real, live bets. Highlight the winning bets and attribute them to the strategies you develop and very soon people will take an educated punt on your ability to take a punt on your collective behalf, kicking-off your rather intriguing career as a slots broker.