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A few years after establishing myself as a professional poker player, I felt the urge to teach my skills. At that point, I knew many reasonably skilled players who only needed some instruction to reach the next level. I also knew many people who thought poker would be simply too complicated to master. Having learned how to play poker at school from my friends, and gone on to learn the real craft at a variety of casinos, I knew all the different aspects of the game required to reach the professional level. I soon took every opportunity to teach whoever wanted to learn and soon realized that I enjoyed teaching poker immensely.

It was particularly rewarding to see my fledglings win, and soon, I wanted to offer poker classes in a more formal setting. While I could have established a brick and mortar school of poker, my extensive travels to various tournaments made such a project unrealistic. Ultimately, the ever-expanding popularity of online poker led me to offer poker classes online instead.

After a lot of planning and strategizing, I created a variety of poker courses and started marketing them under the heading “Cloe’s Poker Magic”.

Cloe’s Poker Magic Classes

I have designed a number of different programs covering various aspects and levels of this great game. Take a look at the following list and see if one of them takes your fancy.

Poker For Beginners: This program is designed for people with no prior knowledge of the game. You will be introduced to the basics of poker, learn the rules, and be introduced to all the various playing styles. I will also teach you about Texas Hold’em. We will also go through the various aspects of playing for cash, and how to succeed and winning. By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently approach any game of poker at any casino in the world or online.

Advanced Poker Class: This program is designed for people who know how to play and just want to get really good at it. In this course, we will go through all the various playing styles, teach you how to calculate your odds of winning, how to read your opponent’s hand, how to bluff successfully, as well as all the other skills that will get you to the next level.

Playing for Serious Cash: This is the most advanced program geared toward teaching you how to win serious amounts of cash. You will learn about the best winning strategies, how to mix up your game, when to fold and when to bluff, and how to size up and “intimidate” your opponent. By the end of this program, your opponent should be shaking in her/his boots.

Tournament Play: This program will prepare you for successful tournament play which is a little different from playing elsewhere. You will learn about the most successful tournament strategies and be prepared for your first tournament.

Online Play: Online play is enormously popular and quite different from face-to-face play. Online, you have a variety of helpful tools at your disposal, can play multiple tables at once and I will prepare you for all the different aspects of online poker.

Interactive, Fun and Informative

My programs are fun, interactive and informative. Class participants often play against each other, and you can participate in a wide variety of games and activities. There is no shortage of poker content either, and by the end of each module, you will have acquired a whole load of new knowledge.

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