My website has an enormous following, today, 22,000 different people visit my site each month. Though I have been a bit surprised by my blogging success, I must admit, I have worked very hard to grow my following.

Naturally, advertisers have taken note of my success and have been able to share in the benefits. To this day, I have published ads from a large number of businesses of all sizes, and all of them have reaped the rewards of their increased visibility.

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My Approach – Your Benefits

Whenever I am approached by businesses, wishing to advertise on my website, I start off by finding out whether their products and services would be of interest to my readers. There is little point in spending your hard-earned profits on ill-fitting advertising space. Once I am sure we are a “match”, I proceed by asking you to set your sales targets and find out what your advertising budget is. I, then, send you all the relevant information and start putting together an advertising package tailored to your needs.

Within a few days, you will be able to study my proposal, ask questions and make a decision. As soon as you decide to go ahead, we collaborate in finalizing all the details of your campaign. At this point, we also discuss the design and placement of your ad. Every decision is geared toward maximizing the effect of your ad and ensuring a high return on investment. My focus lies on sending as many of my readers as possible to your site and telling them about your great products or services.

When the ad is published, we start collecting web analytics, check back with you on a regular basis to ensure your phone is hopping and your inbox bursting, and if there are any changes necessary, we implement them without delay.

This approach has worked extremely well. My advertisers’ products and services are highlighted to 22,000 unique monthly website visitors and click rates usually rise sharply. So far, all of my advertisers have seen the demand for their products or services rise steadily.

A Few Words on My Readers

I have spent quite a lot of time finding out who my readers are, what they like, why they are visiting my website, and what kind of advertisement makes them click. This is what I have found out:

Love of Poker, Sports and Gambling:

All my readers share a love of poker, sports and gambling. Businesses catering to this group have profited greatly from advertising on my website.

Female Poker Enthusiasts:

I get a lot of female poker enthusiasts, more than most other similar sites. Providers of products and services for women have also done well with ads here.

My Readers Are Loyal:

I hardly ever receive any “unsubscribe” requests and strive to keep my readers engaged. So far, my hard work has paid off, and advertisers have been reaping the rewards of this trust and loyalty.

Unusual Ads Work Best:

If have discovered that unusual ads garner the most clicks. Let’s make your ad hilariously funny, thought-provoking, evocative or stunningly beautiful and smart!

Let’s Work Together

I greatly enjoy the collaboration between my advertisers and me. We can all win, and we can jointly make this website even better. You get more clients and subscribers, my readers find your brilliant products or services, and this website continues to go from strength to strength. To arrange initial discussions, please send me all your details using the form below. Let’s get to know each other, work together and enjoy the abundant fruits of our hard labor.
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