The Themed Betting Approach for a Competitive Advantage

As somewhat of a professional gambler who really enjoys my “job”, naturally those closest to me take a keen interest in what I get up to. Naturally I also collaborate with other pro gamblers and we’re generally always happy to share and compare notes.

My own recent spate of success beyond my regular love affair with the different variations of poker is indeed something I’m happy to share the details of as well, and it comes from nothing but an approach which places an emphasis on a theme. Nothing more, nothing less!

So what is the themed approach to betting and subsequently getting a competitive advantage?

There are so many different ways to approach it, one of which is something like nominating a destination. In a specific case my chosen destination was the land of the Pharaohs, Egypt, indicatively because of the very interesting ancient history the place possesses.

More specifically I’m talking about – which as the name suggests is centred on all things Egyptian. I definitely have some favourite specific titles which can be accessed via this particular online casino platform, such as Cleopatra and all the fun that comes with it.

The operative word is indeed “fun” here as that is where the competitive advantage to be had comes into play. It’s all about having fun because if you’re having fun, although you are indeed placing bets as a professional gambler, you never get tired of diligently sticking to specific strategies you may have ideally developed and your mind remains sharp with heightened concentration levels.

For example time flies by so quickly while you’re perhaps spinning away at your low-ball bets with the ultimate idea of setting up the big bet that will subsequently pay out big. If you’re a regular slots game player then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, otherwise go and check it out for yourself and you’ll very quickly get to grips with the basic principle that the bigger your bet, the bigger your potential winnings.

It then just becomes a matter of knowing when to place big bets and when to place the smaller, so-called “feeler” bets through which you’re actually feeling your way through the payout cycle of the specific game.

While there are some other games to be enjoyed such as Pharaoh’s Fortune and Golden Egypt, my ultimate favourite remains Cleopatra, which just by the way comes with a signup offer. You get 10 Free Spins on Cleopatra – No Deposit Required. The reason why it’s my favourite is because I’ve had the most luck with it, but as someone who has a poker background I can rather modestly say that there is indeed some skill involved. Actually there’s a lot of skill involved if you’re a pro, but that doesn’t take anything away from the luck that’s required too.

Above all else though, the themed betting approach gives you the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a specific online casino platform, something you eventually excel at since you’re essentially just enjoying yourself while learning.

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