Steps on Increasing Attendance in Women’ Sports Games

It’s 2018 and the question about attendances between men’ sports games and women’ sports games is still raging on. There is still a huge gap between the numbers of people who attend any sports games played by men in comparison to sports games played by women. While many studies have been conducted and many solutions offered on how to reduce this gap and in turn increase attendances at women’ sports games, the number of spectators at sports games played by women are still very low. Below we add and reinforce on the solutions which might lead to women’s sports attracting more spectators.

Lowering Ticket Prices

This is a contentious solution which divides opinion, many people support this solution while others view it as a necessary step. The solution is self-explanatory, administrators of women’ sports need to lower the ticket prices in order to attract bigger crowds on match days. There is also a need to introduce as many payment methods as possible for buying tickets including deposit with PayPal. For those that support this solution, they say it’s a necessary step as it will directly lead to bigger crowds. However, there are those who oppose this solution firmly stating that while on one hand, it’s a solution to the problem of attracting spectators to sports games played by women, it, on the other hand, entrenches further another problem, that of the pay gap between male and female athletes. Several bodies are lobbying for women athletes to be paid the exact same amounts as their male counterparts and if sports bodies lower ticket prices, it’s likely that these bodies and sports teams will be unable to tackle the pay gap problem owing to a lack of funds.

Separating Games

Another solution that’s also been raised pertains to separating women and men games i.e. the time and seasons that women and men play their games. there is a general belief among many people that it’s difficult to dislodge men’ sports games and as such, rather than competing for the same spectators, women’s sports games should be scheduled at times and seasons when there aren’t any major men’ sports tournaments.

Develop new stadiums

Sports games played by men and those played by women are played at different stadiums in terms of size. Sports games played by men generally are played in much bigger stadiums with bigger capacities while the sports games played by women are played in relatively smaller stadiums. To some, this is where the problem lies. While women’ sports are failing to attract reasonable crowds to these small stadiums, it is because they are thinking small and when one thinks small, the end result is likely to be ‘small’. Therefore, there is a need to develop new and bigger stadiums for use in women’ sports. These bigger stadiums will issue a strong statement to the world that women sports is on the rise and is aiming for big things. Once people start seeing the ambition that women sports bodies and women sports teams have, they will be able to come and partake in the revolution, in turn, helping to increase the attendances at women’ sports games.

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