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Cloe Gomez - Mar, 30 - No Comments

The Dangers of Dirty Glassware

People light up to take the edge off and enjoy life just a little bit more. Nothing wrong with that — but, if you’re coughing, cramping or experiencing...
Cloe Gomez - Jul, 14 - No Comments

Mentalism Skills That Help You Professionally

When speaking about mentalism, the first thing that comes to mind is all of those magic tricks and illusionist performances. But what is mentalism really? mentalism actually refers...
Cloe Gomez - Aug, 10 - No Comments

Steps on Increasing Attendance in Women’ Sports Games

It’s 2018 and the question about attendances between men’ sports games and women’ sports games is still raging on. There is still a huge gap between the numbers...
Cloe Gomez - Apr, 23 - No Comments

5 Things You Need to Start Playing Pickleball Right Away

The popularity of pickleball has been growing constantly since it was invented half a century ago. It’s equally popular among children and seniors, as the whole point of...
Cloe Gomez - Jan, 11 - No Comments

Loan-Guarantee Options

If you’re looking for a new-business loan, don’t be surprised when the banker leans across the desk and asks for a personal guarantee as one form of collateral....