Purposeful Procrastination with Online Casinos

One of the reasons why even the typical, custom-installed enterprise version of the Windows Operating System you’re made to use at work comes with the full suite of Solitaire games is because those are quite effective procrastination tools. Yes, I am indeed putting somewhat of a positive spin on procrastination by suggesting that it can be “effective,” but that’s suitably justified.

Think about this – when have you ever procrastinated to the point that you never got round to doing the work you know you’ll eventually have to complete? Eventually you inevitably get to the work and you complete it more than satisfactorily, right? Perhaps you’re even one of those people who work best under pressure, much like how the magic of pressure creates diamonds.

So it’s not a paradox to refer to procrastination as something which can have the quality of effectiveness.

Going back to the built in computer card games though, there’s a science behind playing the likes of FreeCell, Tri-Peaks and the different types of Klondike / Solitaire you get. These are “effective” timewasters or procrastination tools because they in a sense put you into work-mode. They challenge your brain just enough for you to get your productivity juices flowing, but they do so in more of a fun way.

You’re putting in some effort in the form of the brain juice you’re burning, but it’s an easier way to kick your mind into gear and get it working because of the fun aspect. The frivolity of it perhaps forms part of the allure, but at some point in your life you’ll have to realise that there’s a much better way to engage in purposeful procrastination.

Granted, often straight after you you’ve won three of the five challenging but fun FreeCell games and you’re viewing your stats, you’re ready to get cracking with the work you’re supposed to finish. I’ll have to emphasise however that there is a much better way than just slotting cards here and there to play for some win-to-loss ratio statistics nobody is ever going to see and nobody even cares about!

If you really want to engage in purposeful procrastination then you should look to online casinos for that much-needed bit of time-wasting before you get on with the important work of the day. The fact that every bet you place gives you a chance to actually win some life-changing sums of money reveals the activity for what it is, doesn’t it? It’s no longer a timewaster, but rather some truly purposeful procrastination.

I mean just imagine the rat-race escape story you’d have to tell, if you do indeed want to share it in the first place, if for example you went on to sign up to Novibet casino and as per your usual pre-working ritual you placed a bet online and won a huge chunk of the progressive 16 million euro jackpot!

There are many games which are actually fun as well so it’s not just straight-forward betting, but you’d probably quit your job right there and then if you won big, or you might perhaps honour the requisite notice period before walking away from the job you clearly aren’t too fond of. Either way, if you’re going to procrastinate, do it purposefully in this way.

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