How to Play Slots Online Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency in the world and it’s quickly growing into one of the most popular online payment methods. It’s a fast, secure and hassle-free way to move money from one account to another and a growing number of sites are embracing it as a result.

In this guide we’ll look at video slots that have welcomed this casino top payment option and provide players with the means to play real money Bitcoin slots as and when they choose.

How to Play Slots Online Using Bitcoins

To play real money video slots using Bitcoin just follow the steps below. Even if you’re new to Bitcoins and have no idea how to use them, this guide will ensure you’re ready to play Bitcoin slots in a matter of minutes.

  1. Get a Bitcoin Wallet

The first step to playing Bitcoin video slots is to acquire a Bitcoin Wallet, which you can download for free from sites like These wallets can be stored on your hard-drive or external drive and will work in much the same way as a cash wallet.

You have a unique number to receive money and a process through which you can send money. That’s all you need. Just make sure you keep the wallet safe because if you lose it then you will lose all of your Bitcoins as well. In that way, a Bitcoin Wallet is also very much like a cash wallet.

  1. Buy or Receive Bitcoins

You can use a Bitcoin exchange to purchase this digital currency at the going rate. An exchange is simply a platform that facilitates transactions for Bitcoins and other currencies. There are many legitimate ones out there, but you will need to verify your ID when signing up.

You can also start receiving Bitcoin as soon as you have a wallet and you don’t need an exchange for this. Buy some from friends, receive them in exchange for some goods you sold or, if you’re a freelancer, ask clients if they can pay you in Bitcoins.

The only thing you need to receive this currency is your Bitcoin Wallet and technically, anyone who also owns a wallet can send you money. Just don’t expect to be able to buy this currency from a traditional store or marketplace. There are some charlatans out there claiming to sell Bitcoin, but in most cases you never get what you pay for and the ones that are legit skim a huge percentage off the value of the coin.

  1. Sign up to a Bitcoin Slot Site

There are many Bitcoin gambling sites out there and most of these will provide you with the option to play video slots. You should also look at any bonuses and promotions they have available as new members are usually offered a big welcome bonus.

In many cases Bitcoin casinos offer bigger and better bonuses than non-Bitcoin casinos. This is especially true if you have a lot of money to spend as high-rollers get the VIP treatment in this sector.

  1. Deposit

Enter the casino’s cashier, click “deposit” and then look for the Bitcoin option. You will be given some basic information about their Bitcoin Wallet, after which you will be able to make the transfer.

If you encounter any issues just consult the casinos’s help files or use their customer support.

  1. Play

That’s all there is to it! Once you have made your deposit then you are ready to play Bitcoin video slots!

Benefits of Bitcoin Slots

So, now you know how to play online slots with Bitcoin, that leaves one question: why? Isn’t it so much easier to just use your debit/credit card or PayPal and get over with it? Not quite, as there are numerous benefits to using this cryptocurrency in place of other traditional methods:

It is Hassle-Free

How many times have you felt like banging your head against a brick wall after dealing with the rabbit hole that is Paypal customer support? Sure, they’re friendly these days and they even have a system that facilitates fast and professional help, but they’re still just as useless as they have always been when it comes to actually getting anything done.

The same applies to many banks. They’re all prone to making mistakes, leaving you to deal with the fallout and then placing roadblocks at every turn to stop you from finding a resolution.

With Bitcoin, you don’t have to deal with any of that. In many ways, you are the bank and the payment provider and you are also the customer. The process is simple and doesn’t entail going through frustrating customer support teams.

It is Anonymous

Bitcoin may not be 100% anonymous as details of wallet IDs and transactions are placed in the blockchain for anyone looking through, but that info is an infinitesimal blip in a sea of data and it doesn’t relate to your address, name, or anything else important.

Bitcoins are infinitely more anonymous than other payment methods as there is no extensive paper trail and no concerns with regards to your name being plastered all over your gambling activities.

It Is Secure

Your bank account and PayPal account is constantly susceptible to fraud. Even if you don’t make a mistake, don’t lose anything and are very careful, you can still be hacked or cloned and as a result you can lose every penny you have.

This is especially worrying now, as not all banks are refunding their customers when they have been defrauded, even though the customers can prove they were not the ones who spent the money.

It’s frightening, but with Bitcoin, it’s a non-issue. It’s as secure as you make it, because if you don’t lose your Bitcoin Wallet then you won’t lose your Bitcoins.

Conclusion: Play Away

Bitcoin slots are readily available and growing in number all of the time. Bitcoin itself is also one of the safest and easiest to use payment methods out there. Combining the two is a no-brainer, so get out there, play some Bitcoin video slots, and enjoy these games from a new perspective.


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