5 Must Play NetEnt Slots for Poker Fans

Did you know poker is practically responsible for the birth of the modern slot machine? In 1891, Brooklyn based Sittman and Pitt manufactured a lever operated device historically known as the poker machine. Players would insert a coin hoping for a good poker hand, with certain hands correlating to different rewards. The concept of the first ever slot machine invented by Charles Fey years later owes much to the original poker machine.

To this day, slot machines are still taking cues from the game of poker. Just take a look at any NetEnt casino: one quick glance is all you need to find a number of different games clearly influenced by the classic card game. Here’s five must play NetEnt slots that will have poker fans saying “all in” in no time at all:

Jack Hammer

Retro aesthetics, a stylish graphic novel presentation and a kickass soundtrack – Jack Hammer is sure to get your blood pumping for that next hand of poker. Jack’s adventures span over two games; not only does he save the city from certain nuclear destruction – but he also rescues a damsel in distress from a crab fisted villain. This is one crime fighter that always has an ace up his sleeve…


Don’t you just hate it when a massive dragon swoops down and steals your girlfriend? That is indeed the premise behind this 15 payline slot. Featuring card suit symbols and a steampunk design, the bonus round is one of the best out there – as you scale a massive tower collecting all sorts of win boosters and multipliers.

Mega Fortune

NetEnt’s classic jackpot slot does a pretty good job of showing us how the rich and famous live. Good thing this slot can also deliver the payouts to secure that kind of lifestyle. The reels are filled with luxury symbols like expensive champers, the best cigars and top of the range boats. Enter the jackpot bonus round (which is awarded by matching three bonus symbols), and you will get to play for the mega jackpot – a life changing sum of cash that regularly exceeds the millions.

Kings of Chicago

The ultimate slot for any poker fan… or aspiring mobster. Instead of the line payouts that dominate other slot games, this slot awards wins on classic poker hands. Like a natural royal flush for example – which also happens to be the highest paying hand. And instead of landing free spins in the bonus round, you get to take advantage of free deals to really ramp up the payout potential. An absolute must play for poker lovers.

Guns N’ Roses

Rock music has an awesome ability to enhance almost every sensation. So next time you land a big win on the poker, accompany it with some killer riffs – or better yet, play the Guns N’ Roses slot. Head bangingly good soundtrack, a fantastic range of bonus features and of course our favourite card symbols – this has to be one of the best music slots period. During the crowd pleaser bonus, you even get to pretend you’re a real life member of the band to fulfill all those lurking rock star fantasies.

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