Unless You Get Your Act Right, Investing in A Foreign Company is Like Gambling

It is good to invest, whether in one’s country or abroad. However, investing in a foreign country carries with it a lot of risks, and there can be two extremes in what the outcome would be. The higher risk associated with overseas investment is always because investors are not familiar with the terrain and some intricacies of the economy of the foreign country. As such, anyone that plans to put their money in a business outside of their home country without getting familiar with the companies of interest is more or less gambling.

However, if a person reads reviews about the companies they wish to invest in on a social review site like suomiarvostelut, their chances of getting it wrong reduces. That’s because reviews reveal much about a company, an investment, or an individual than other sources. For instance, if you are considering investing in a Ponzi scheme, it can be a possible way of losing your precious capital if you don’t gather all the facts you need from locals via reviews before dabbling into it. Otherwise, if you were to research and make smart enquiries into making overseas investments such as looking to buy national grid shares or other options internationally, then you can look to increase your funds exponentially.

Things to Consider Before Investing in A Foreign Company

For the sake of argument, we would take a foreign country to be Finland. So, if you are not Finnish and are considering partnering with a Finnish company, you may want to consider the following before parting with your money.

1.      National Certification

Every standard company should possess the national certificate of registration of that country. That, among other things, tells you that they are not fake. You must demand to see a copy of this certificate and possibly authenticate it with relevant authorities. By reading reviews on suomiarvostelut, you can also affirm whether the company is duly registered or not.

2.      Their Insurance Package

It is not safe to invest in any company – national or foreign – without a robust insurance package. That’s because business involves a lot of risks. And if a company is not adequately insured, your investment with them is not safe. So, verify their insurance claims and what it covers before investing with them.

3.      Annual Turnover

How has the company fared in the last couple of years? What has been their profits declaration, and how consistent have they been? You should know these things before agreeing to partner with any foreign company. If the company only break even once in every three years, you should be hesitant in putting your money there.

4.      Enabling Environment

Finland is home to many companies, but that does not mean every business idea thrives there with ease. Each country has its sets of values and what they approve. That is why you must first find out if the products or services your company of interest is selling are what the government of Finland sanctions.


As you can see, there are several issues to clarify before putting your money into any foreign company. Official statements may make things appear straightforward to you, but if you read reviews about a company you want to partner with, you are not likely to put your money in a wrong course.

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