How To Make Money In A Casino

One of the most common facts we know about the gambling world is that casinos do not lose money. The house edge is what keeps casinos operating and making money. Measured in percentage, the house edge is a standard advantage which the casino has in all games.

Professional gamblers can still manage to make a decent living in casinos, so there must be some room for error in the house edge, right? Yes and no.

To actually beat the house edge requires very particular games, an in depth knowledge of these games and the best possible strategy to go along with it. Beating the house edge is not an easy feat, but at times, is possible. These are the games with the lowest house edge, plus some advice on achieving this house edge for yourself.

Video Poker

Video poker is one of the few gems in a casino with an incredibly small house edge, this does depend on the type of video poker you are playing though. Different video poker games often offer very different house edge and odds. Some of these poker games may be difficult to find in every casino, but if you can find them, coupled with the right strategy, you are definitely in for a good time.

Double Bonus Poker

Double bonus poker is very similar to jacks or better and bonus poker, the difference being for 4 of a kind, the bonus is double what it is in normal bonus poker. When played with the right strategy and great game knowledge, this can decrease the house edge all the way to -0.17. This means that for every $100 you play, you are likely to walk away with $0.17 profit. This may not sound like a lot, but it remains the only place in a casino where the odds are actually in your favour.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or better is one of the more common video poker games to find in a casino, with an impressively low house edge to start with. When playing on a 9/6 pay table, the already impressive house edge drops to 0.46%. This gives anybody the opportunity to stay at the table for a long time and have more opportunity for a big win.

Deuces Wild

Deuces wild is similar to jacks or better, with the main difference being that 2s are wild cards, allowing you to change their value to complete a hand. This small change brings the house edge to as low as 0.27%, allowing for great opportunities to stay at the table longer and go for the royal flush with an 800 to 1 payout.

With all video poker games, great strategy is important to get the house edge mentioned. Another essential detail to remember is that you need to play on the highest available value on the machine to achieve the payout rate which allows for the low house edges.


Blackjack generally has a good house edge but is especially great if you can find a game with a single deck. Single deck blackjack drops the house edge to only 1.5%. With some basic strategy and an impressively low house edge, your chances of winning are greatly increased. When most people think of winning in blackjack, they think of counting cards.

Counting cards is a viable and well preforming strategy, and while not illegal, is not allowed in casinos. If you are suspected of counting cards, you will likely be asked to leave the casino. For the best results, basic strategy is simple enough for anybody to master and provides great winning opportunities. And if you want a helping hand, then using crypto Thrills no deposit bonus codes won’t hurt either!


Baccarat is often not considered as a potential money-making game, but for the simplicity and low house edge, it’s one of the best. At only a 1.5% house edge, baccarat provides some of the best house edge available to the player. The thing that makes baccarat special, though, is that you don’t need any special strategy or knowledge to achieve the great house edge figures.

In other games, you require fantastic game knowledge and strategy to achieve the best possible house edge, while in baccarat, all you need to do is bet on the banker. When betting on the banker, even with the usual house commission, the house edge is decreased to as low as 1.06% making this the best game for nonprofessional gamblers to win.

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