4 Golden Rules to Follow When Choosing an Online Casino

The online casino industry has seen exponential growth in recent years, as such – it means there are more casinos to choose from than ever.  Even the most seasoned player can find difficulty in selecting the best one for their requirements. Here, we have listed some of the golden rules to follow when choosing an online casino to enjoy. 

Research the Licensing and Accreditations

At the footer of the site – there is always information on the background of the casino, and this should be the first place you visit when looking to join a new casino.  It will let you know what network the site is on, or if it’s a stand-alone brand.  If it’s on a network – it then may be a good idea to visit others to see if it has anything different to offer, or how it compares.  Does it have a more generous welcome offer?  Is it more user-friendly?

On there you should also see the licensing information.  It’s critical that you check this to ensure that it’s a legitimate casino before depositing any real cash.  Does the Gambling Commission regulate it?  The UKGC are doing a great job of ensuring that operator brands are compliant and that they promote responsible gambling.  They also take action when casinos don’t display terms and conditions as clearly as they should. If you see that the UKGC regulates the brand – you can rest assured that the site is being audited to make sure they are taking care of their players.

On the footer – you will also see the payment methods that are available to you.  If the casino has teamed up with widely-known merchants, then this can be viewed as a trust signal.

Establish their Support Levels

If you are an online casino regular – you want to know that the brand you join will take care of you and reward you for your loyalty.  First up, you should check their support team and how they react when players need help.   There is usually an FAQ section for players to visit in the first instance where you will find the more general queries which can be helpful in some cases.  However, you should also check their available methods of contact.  A good online casino will have customer service support 365 days a year, 7 days a week.  They should also be contactable via multiple mediums.  In order to receive a quick response, you might prefer a brand that has a live chat option – this is something that the site Stakers offers if you’d like to see an example.  Some brands these days even have Whatsapp as a form of support.

You can also get an idea as to how well an online casino treats their players by checking their social media channels.  Often players use that as an unofficial method of contact.  Do they respond to player queries, or do they go unanswered?  This is an indicator as to how much they care about their players.

It’s also worthwhile checking any 3rd party sites such as Trustpilot.  If an operator is confident in their brand and how they treat players – it’s not uncommon to find this integrated on their website somewhere.

Are they Forward-Thinking?

iGaming is an evolving market in terms of technology – as such you should always be looking for an online casino that is forward-thinking and moving with the times to ensure they are bringing you the best product.

One of the first things you should check is the mobile version of their site.  Do they have an app?  If so – you need to check to see whether or not all of the games and promotions featured on the desktop site can also be enjoyed via the mobile app.  If it doesn’t have an app, make sure you check the site out on your mobile browser.  The best site will simply be a mobile optimised version of the standard site to allow you to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Live casino games are also incredibly popular in online casino’s – are these kinds of games featured onsite? They allow you the kind of experience that you can enjoy at a land-based casino, but online.  VR casinos are also on the horizon which can create a fully-immersive casino experience.  Is this something that this operator is taking on board, or more innovative approaches?

Monitor How Regularly They Update their Site?

Players don’t want to be bored; they want something fresh to enjoy.  That’s why they want an online casino that updates their brand regularly.  In terms of promotions – this could be them introducing offers that are seasonal and fit in with occasions such as Christmas and Easter.  Or else it could be if there is a sports betting bolt-on that they make sure that there are offers that tie in with major sporting events.

As well as their promotions – you want to check whether or not they update their games catalogue regularly.  The best online casino providers team up leading game developers in the industry to not only bring you a portfolio of games to begin with, but to refresh their site with new additions.  This means that you could end up with a new plethora of games to play each month, particularly if there is a significant focus on slot games.  You can also do a bit of background research into the developers to see how frequently they push out new games.

Generally, you will find that this info is easy enough to find, as they should have a “new games” section.  Here you will see all of the latest titles that have been added to the site. If it doesn’t have this, it would typically suggest it isn’t being updated as often as it should be.

Since there are so many online casinos to choose from – it can take forever for you to find your match.  By following our top golden rules, you should hopefully find the right site for you.

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