Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

Cloe Gomez   //   Nov, 25   //   No Comments

How does the makeup to make you look? So is makeup really necessary, conditioning, a manipulative scheme by manipulative sleazy sexpots, or both?

Ask a group of average women why they wear makeup, and you will likely get hundreds of answers. Some will claim that makeup makes them feel better, that they no longer feel totally “done,” or that it just gives them something different to experiment with on the go, some will state that it’s just for “embracing” colors and looks; others may tell you that they just want to try something different and exciting, to break out of their comfort zone. What is the answer for each woman’s answer?

Each woman’s answer has its own personal reason for wearing makeup. For example, one woman might state that she loves to experiment with different shades of lipstick because she has a dark skin tone, while another may tell you that she wears make up to hide blemishes or scars she has suffered.

The best way to figure out what each woman’s personal reasons for wearing makeup are, is to ask her about how she feels. When a woman is feeling a certain way, her body language and facial expressions will show this, whether she’s embarrassed or not. If a woman is wearing make up because she’s self-conscious or feels that she’s unattractive, this can also be reflected in the way she is carrying herself.

For instance, men don’t wear make up, so if a man is feeling a certain way, his face will most likely show it. On the other hand, if a woman is feeling nervous, her face will show her anxiety. If she is unsure about her appearance, she will use a mask (if she’s not wearing makeup) to hide her emotions, and if she is confident about her appearance she will wear a smiley face mask to hide any signs of worry. You may ask a few women why they feel confident and then try to determine if theirs are the same things that the men feel confident about.

If a woman’s confidence is based on her looks, she will find ways to hide these negative feelings or mask them, like a hat (or lipstick) or foundation. She might cover up a scar by wearing eye shadow or concealer or cover up a blemish by applying a little mascara or lipstick. When you ask a woman about why she feels confident, you may find that she feels confident because she looks good; she also might tell you that she feels good about the way she looks because she feels confident and good about herself.

If a woman’s self-esteem is based on her looks, she will feel good about herself, but won’t tell you exactly why. For example, if she feels good about her appearance because she looks good and feels good about herself, she will tell you she feels good about herself even if she is not. When a woman is wearing makeup because she feels confident in herself, she will hide these positive feelings behind fake smiles, make-up or blush, just to feel good.

This is the same reason women wear lipstick if they’re white, since lighter skin colors reflect light better than darker skin colors. (and women who wear make up are not afraid of their “whites”). A woman who wears foundation because she feels good about herself won’t tell you why she wears makeup or why she feels confident if she is wearing make up. She’ll just wear foundation for the day and then decide what she wants to do with it later.