Mentalism Skills That Help You Professionally

When speaking about mentalism, the first thing that comes to mind is all of those magic tricks and illusionist performances. But what is mentalism really? mentalism actually refers to the study of the mind and thoughts, so it goes well beyond that and can be used to your advantage in numerous situations. Now, we’re not talking exactly about the stage tricks, but there are a few ones you can benefit from, especially in your professional life, so let’s get on to it, shall we?

Work Along With Your Mind

As known, our brain is our most treasured muscle and, like our other muscles, needs to be trained and taken care of. This can be a very important exercise or routine to help you professionally. Like any muscle, it will get stronger and healthier, so try playing chess or do some sudoku in your free time, or even learn a new language or craft. Mentalism uses this as a deductive and critical skill, and it can help you a lot when solving any problem, be it logical or social. You can find the piece of the puzzle, but take a whole day to place it, and by then it’s too late.

Shhh… It’s a Secret!

Secrecy is the soul of business, as they say, and here is definitely an important skill. You would never ask a magician to share his tricks, as they would lose their flair. It can be tricky, but the professional world can be fearful and you can be just one step away from success and not even see it. It only takes a great idea to change everything, and, in all honesty, you never know exactly who you are dealing with, so when it comes down to business it’s important to keep something to yourself. I’m not saying to be dishonest, but try keeping your cards close to your chest now and then.

Living on Your Spotlight

Confidence is the key to success at anything and presence is the lock. Whatever you do, you will always deal with people, and people easily believe or agree with someone that shows confidence. Not only does it help you around others but mostly yourself. When you set your mind to something, you can conquer the world because you believe in it, and when you believe in yourself, even if it sounds like the biggest cliché in the book, you truly make an impact, your presence is notable, people will stop and listen to you, and the spotlight is yours. This is a great tool for any job or challenge you face. Now, there must be moderation, because talking extensively about something you don’t know much about also makes you look like a know-it-all. If you combine this trick with the last one, you’ll be that person that doesn’t talk that much, but everything he says is listened carefully by everyone.

Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

There are a lot of little signs you can notice when speaking to someone, from heavy breathing to heart rates, if someone is looking all over the room, or even if they’re moving their hands too much. A lot can be told just by someone’s body language and you can quickly realize if they’re nervous, suspicious, or even, lying, ultimately using that to your advantage. There’s also micro-expressions, things like a subtle smirk, pupil dilation, or even a frown forehead, and those reveal much more than a conversation, so when dealing with different people all the time, or facing a complicated situation, this special attention can be the solution.

Ideas. Ideas Everywhere

“If you can dream it, you can do it” –  just like Walt Disney used to say, and in the professional world, if you can pitch it, you can go anywhere. Planting ideas is a common trick used in magic, and in those tricks, if you want someone to remember a word or a phrase you keep on repeating it and planting that idea in the person’s mind. This is a simple habit, you might say, but you can really benefit from it by simply putting your ideas out there. The more you work on them and the more you pitch them, the more often people will stop and listen to them, sometimes even calling them out as their own.

As a Final Thought

The human brain is filled with ideas and tricks for everything, and when those tricks are related to the mind, you can easily learn them and apply them to your daily situations. If you are struggling professionally, be sure to read all these tips and apply them, and I bet you’ll reach amazing results. Be sure to share your wins in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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