Lottery app offers cash for watching ads

Cloe Gomez   //   Nov, 29   //   No Comments

Commercials can feel like the scourge of the internet — they waste precious time while you wait for the page you want to view — but watching them could win you £1,000.

Raffler, a new lottery app, has a simple concept: everyone who downloads it simply has to watch two 30-second advertisements and then enter a lottery to win £1,000. “Our random algorithm selects a winner,” said George Hattrell, 25, a founder. “Everyone has an equal chance.”

Should the winner fail to collect their prize, the money rolls over. The largest winnings so far have been £4,000 and, since launching, the app has given away a total of almost £120,000.

Joe Glick, another founder, says liberalising the lottery, which is a government monopoly in most countries, was what inspired him. “It was apparent that you could do with the lottery what had already been done for other services: by getting people to engage with brands and content in a good way, you can meet the consumer’s need — the thrill of the possibility of winning — but for free,” he said.

The app has proved particularly popular with the 18-30 market. “There’s something about the attitude of millennials,” said Mr Glick. “Gambling, for example, is really struggling in our market because we’ve come to expect things for free. People our age aren’t happy paying for services. We’re spoilt.”