How Online Gamblers Survive Beyond the Winnings

If you look at the typical story of someone who engages in online gambling as more than just a means through which to enjoy a bit of fun and relax, with the possibility of winning some good money of course, what you’ll often find is that they don’t ever plan to be making their money solely through the gambling forever, so to say. Things always seem to be building up to one major event where they win big, or in fact they could build up their winnings incrementally, as is the case with many who actually officially refer to themselves as professional gamblers.

So when that one big watershed moment comes to pass, what do pro online gamblers do beyond the winnings for survival?

Creating and selling info products

You get two types of professional online gamblers or professional gamblers period. The first type is like yours truly and we actually enjoy the scuffle so we regularly enter into competitions and events in which we can win big. The aim is indeed to win big so we invest a lot of our time honing our skills. It’s fair to say that we play for high stakes.

The second type of pro gambler mostly does their betting online and what they usually do is come up with a rather boring betting strategy, but one which is effective in building up their “profit” through small winnings that eventually add up nicely.

In either case, one of the ways through which pro gamblers survive beyond the winnings is indeed that of creating info products which they go on to sell. To make a very basic example, as an expert poker player who is known to have won some prestigious tournaments, I would perhaps proceed to create an e-book detailing some of my strategies, while the other type of gambler might record their screen to demonstrate their strategy in action and perhaps sell memberships to their site on which they dive deeper into winning online betting strategies.

Coaching and training

This is perhaps a different way of selling their experience as they would through info products, but naturally they’d charge higher fees because coaching and training usually requires some kind of one-on-one interaction or the attendance of a class, mastermind, webinar, etc, for which there would be limited spots available.

Paid promotions

Gamblers who consistently win big, or even those who win big just once or twice for that matter, often gain some kind of celebrity status in the gambling industry, so you now get these kinds of people being paid by casinos to promote them and their brands, or even just to promote specific events.

Referral commissions

If I could make my money referring new gamers to casino sites and the likes I think that’s exactly what I’d do because it’s really quite easy to refer new gamers these days. All you really need to do is extend the special promotions the online casinos you would be referring new customers for provide, such as how a new gamer might get a welcome bonus for joining the online casino site you suggest.

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