Different Types of Poker Games

Nowadays, whenever somebody asks if you play poker, they usually mean Texas Hold ‘Em. This is a game which became increasingly popular during the past decade. And this is all thanks to the movies like “Rounders” and World Series of Poker.

However, there are several variations and versions of poker, the key types being draw, stud and community card games. In the event that you are playing on “friendly” tables, you will notice that the dealer regularly has the choice of selecting the type of game. More organised tournaments typically specify the set-up from the get-go!

Below are various types of poker games available, which you may encounter at any poker tournaments. If you don’t know these, then you might get stuck when something wild like for example, ‘Follow the Queen’ is called!

Draw Games

In this type of game, you may choose to trade in some of your cards (usually up to 3) in an effort to enhance your hand.

Stud Games

Here you are dealt several cards (usually 5 or 7) and should use those initial cards to make your best hand.

Community Card Games

You are dealt with ‘hole cards’ face-down, then the community cards are dealt face up in the centre of the poker table. This can also be shared by all the players on the same. The hole cards are combined with the community cards to make the best hand.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is simply the most common poker game around the world nowadays. You are normally dealt two “hole cards” or “pocket” then wait for 5 community cards to be unveiled.

The betting here takes place in four rounds: after the hole cards are split, after the first three community cards are uncovered, after the fourth community card is uncovered and finally, after the fifth community card is tossed which is usually called ‘the river.’ You must make your best hands with any combination of 5 cards!


Omaha is another interesting type of Hold ‘Em that countless people prefer. This can be played by 2-10 players at a time. There are similarly four rounds of betting like Texas Hold ‘Em. However, on this game, each player is dealt with 4-hole cards. You will find that the 5 community cards are also immediately uncovered. Here, you must try to make your top 5-card hands from 2 of your hole cards and 3 of the common!

7-Card Stud

Here, everyone is dealt 7 cards. Four of them are up and three are down. You must make the top possible 5-card hand from your 7.

5-Card Draw

Everyone here is dealt 5 cards. However, as soon as you begin, you may opt to trade in up to 3 of them.

Follow the Queen

It’s a 7-card stud poker game. There is a wild card which is chosen to be the next uncovered card after a queen is flicked. In the event that there are no queens which are flipped, there are no wild cards that hand.

You should always remember that there are almost unlimited ways to win at poker. Many rules are also flexible. The most important thing is to know the significant guidelines of the game that you are playing! At Moon Games, which is one of UK’s most popular online casinos, there are various types of poker games available. If you want to try one of the above types of poker games, you may hop over there and look for the games through the cards section! One thing is for sure, that you will be provided with a thrilling gaming experience!

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