Best Sporting Strategy for Soccer Matches

Double Chance is an awesome betting strategy to employ if you are among those who are risk-averse gamblers. Double-chance wagers are available on most football matches, since three potential outcomes are required to place such a wager.

Most other sports have over/unders, or combined totals wagers, in which the combined final scores are bet. Soccer betting sites will put up a totals line, and then you pick if a goal number goes below or above this line. How to Bet on a Spread: Spread betting takes goals off a favourite’s final score, or gives them to an underdog, so that you are able to wager a near-even odds on both sides.

Soccer Moneylines are called 3-way bets because you can wager either team winning during regulation – or that the game ends in a tie. One of the main differences in betting on football as opposed to the big four pro sports is the way moneylines work. Soccer is a unique sport for betting on because it features many types of bets not found in other sports.

As the world’s most played game, it stands to reason it will feature some of the most creative and wide-ranging betting options. If sports betting is your thing, be sure to review this guide on football betting some more, and then begin researching teams and games that you would like to wager on. Soccer betting is no simple matter, and going with a traditional pick that one specific team will win is a bad idea more often than not.

Using the strategies mentioned above should greatly aid your enjoyment of your football betting experience, however, keep in mind that gambling is sometimes a matter of luck. You could track how many corners are won by a certain team, on average, per match, and use that as you decide on your next wager. Find things like the teams goals-per-game average, the amount they concede, and what kind of shape they are in. The amount that you win or lose is determined by how a match ends, and how many points each team scores.

In its simplest form, football betting on arb involves backing one team to win at 6/4 with the conventional sportsbook, and laying it for 5/4 win using the swap.

Teams that employ the other tactics often allow the opposition to retain possession within their own half, secure in the knowledge that they are unlikely to cause much damage that far out in front. While it may result in closing the oppositions attacking options, you will not find yourself winning a lot of games using this tactic, since you are not committed any players into attacking. Overall though, this remains a tactic teams adopt on an individual play-by-play basis, not for the whole season – especially if you are facing a side that you perceive as having superior offensive capabilities. Counter-attacking football involves the team pulling players back in their own half, but making sure that one or two players are committed up front.

So with this knowledge you can follow one-to-a-few teams and then bet according to how you expect they’ll perform, as per your trend-analysis.

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